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Re: [IP] The Tender Touch

I can't help you with your sets, I'm a newbie too and I use bent needles.
However, I would stop and think about where you are in your menstrual cycle.
If you were doing quite a bit of testing before the pump and can feel
comfortable with a couple of mental jumps, I think that you can make some
conclusions based on the "time before pump".  I have always needed more
insulin as I approach menses, and life hasn't changed in that respect.  The
quantities of insulin have changed drastically,  Since I do change the
basals and am very sensative to insulin 0.1 to 0.2 makes the difference from
350+ to 100.  The basal rates do not all change at the same time, it's
progressive, nor does it always start with the same one.   Me and my
meter.....Thank God for the technology we now have!
Take care (and feel free to email directly)
dx '71, MM507 1/98, Humalog
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Date: April 29, 1998 05:44 AM
Subject: [IP] The Tender Touch

>My basal rates seem to change radically.  What might possibly cause that.
>Believe me when I tell you that I have tested them before and they were
>I could go all day without eating or bolusing insulin and vary no more than
>points.  Something is definitely different and I am so sorry to be back in
>'game' of roller coaster riding.  I am so disillusioned with my CDE that to
>in for a visit has been really counter productive.  I hate going in there.
>feel they think I'm incompetent and non-compliant  and I feel like hell
>already and don't want to be made to feel worse.  I just can't seem to get
>plan that works more than 2 weeks running.
>Sign me,
>Discouraged in Virginia Beach
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