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[IP] Neuropathy Reversal

I've heard that reversal of neuropathy is not an uncommon 'side-effect' of
going on the insulin pump.  I am very interested in anyone's personal
experience with this: particularly 1) how severe the neuropathy was that was
reversed  - # of years with problem, for example, medications used to treat
it... 2) how you discovered it had reversed itself  (the pain just stopped one
night?)  3) if the reversal was *simply* related to better BG control , or ???
My neuropathy began about 2 years ago and got worse after I went on the pump &
I finally had to take Elavil in order to control the pain and sleep nights.  I
have had a helluva time getting my BG under control -- even with my pump-
although things have marginally improved.  (Last Ha1c was 7.2  down from 7.9)
I have been working with some alternative therapies as well and am trying to
sort out what's causing the changes.  

Michael - On the exercise posts along with high BG issues, I have found that
almost all the people who have had questions have been without an exception
extremely athletic.  (Not to say others don't have the same questions, but I
keep getting mail from folks who exercise intensely and generally often.) I
was amazed to discover they were questioning the same things that baffled
chunky, unathletic me. After the first hurdle - why we go high we come to the
next one - what to do about it - and then trail off to when can we expect this
to happen to us.  I hope Delaine is ready to roll on this FAQ.  I would love
to be involved-- as the guinea pig if necessary.


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