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[IP] re: dark cloud over VB.....

Dianne - 
	Your support group tale & the insensitivities of your recent CDE's made me
want to cry.  You can come to my group ANYTIME!  (Ever planning a visit to
Rhode Island??)  And, let me tell you - I just took the CDE exam on
Saturday.  I don't want to "jinx" myself, because results won't be official
for approx 6wks.... but let me just say this - I actually *enjoyed* taking
that exam...  because, I LIVE those case studies, EVERY day!  YOU LIVE
THOSE case studies EVERYDAY!  You already problem solve, and trouble shoot.
 Trust me, if being a CDE is something that you would truly like to do,
with a little determination... it is certainly a reachable goal.  Shame on
ANYONE for telling you it is not!  (There is an application process, &
educational/professional requirements which must be met to qualify for the
exam - email me if you would like more info.)  And your diabetes gives you
*naturally* what too many people in ALL walks of live have to work to
attain - empathy, compassion, understanding - keys to breaking down all
kinds of barriers.  So sorry to hear about your experience.  It makes me
want to do more to help change things.  I promise that I will NOT SIT
QUIETLY!  Now.... how do we spread this knowledge, this understanding to
CDE's - current & to be, medical professionals; "all walks of life",
etc.???  Barbara...???  Any ideas?????  I have a few... can we talk?

:))  - Delaine

PS - leave her to her "dark cloud"..... just take your umbrella when you go
there & remember - "singing in the rain can be fun(!) - not to mention, it
drives the miserable people of this world CRAZY!"  ;)

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