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[IP] Type 1 support group goes pump-happy!

Thought I'd share with all - something to make the "pumper in you" smile!
I facilitate a new Type 1 support group at our local hospital.  At our 1st
meeting in November, I was the ONLY pumper in attendance (totally NEW to it
but COMPLETELY THRILLED!!) - I was actually asked by a local endo not to
"push the pump"... as "not everyone is a candidate".... and she didn't want
every Type 1 in the area to want one.  <I know, I know.. roll your eyes if
you must!  But this story does have a VERY happy ending!>  At our initial &
subsequent monthly meetings I did (somewhat discreetly) let my enthusiasm
be known.  :)  (I'll admit, I tend to be quite a enthusiastic soul at
times!  OK, & maybe not always so discreet.)  Well....... this month, we
had a "guest" speaker, (actually a wonderful pumper whom I've met via THIS
list! - thanks Rosyln - it was GREAT to have you with us!!) - I was a bit
apprehensive as to how many "interested" people there might be.... I knew
we had a few who were considering pumps, but.......... well, MY JAW NEARLY
FELL TO THE FLOOR!!!  There were only TWO people in the room who were NOT
somehow associated with a pump - either wearing one, pumping saline,
carrying one around in a box, or awaiting final insurance approval!  AND by
the end of THAT evening???  The other two both asked me where they should
start!  WOW!!!  :))  I should learn to keep my big mouth quiet, yes?  ;)
AND, btw - that endocrinologist has since asked me to work with her in
initiating pump therapy within her practice!  She too is convinced!

 Delaine - feeling very "influential" today!  <HUGE GRIN!!>


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