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[IP] Complete

I've decided to give up on the Complete.  It is too much of a pain to do the
manual downloads.  A bigger problem is the fact that I don't discipline
myself to record it twice (once on the meter and once in my logbook), don't
do the manual downlaoads more than once every week (or two), and have never
liked using the memory feature of meters to go over data in order to make
decisions.  I had a long conversation with my buddy at BM/Roche today and
expressed my frustration about not getting the software that he had assured
me I could get.  I'm still not certain that the refusal wasn't engineered by
someone at the clinic, but that's probably paranoid.  He also said that they
would be charging ~$60 for it.  I explained that I had been assured that
Camit would work with the Complete when I bought Camit, and that the manual
also makes that comment.  He said that he couldn't make the decision.  I'm
hoping that they return to their usual etiquette by the time it is released
to the "public".  I also keep asking who is buying all of these strips -- me
or the medical professionals?  Oh well.
Take care,
dx '71, MM507 1/98, Humalog

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