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[IP] Insulin Nixed

Just thought everyone would like to know that we can still be Olympic

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Insulin Nixed Except for Diabetics

.c The Associated Press

 SYDNEY, Australia (AP) - Insulin was added to the list of banned substances
by the IOC today, except when the medication is used by diabetics.

In a healthy person, insulin, a hormone produced by cells in the pancreas,
allows the body to use the sugar derived from food.

It is used by diabetics to help counteract the illness.

IOC medical commission chairman Prince Alexandre de Merode said athletes can
gain muscle mass by injecting insulin, and misuse can result in adverse health
effects, including death.

The IOC also upgraded diuretics to the status of masking agent. Previously,
diuretics had their own category as a banned substance.

Diuretics are weight-loss drugs, but are also used to flush other drugs out of
the system in urine.

``When you use a diuretic agent it can hide the presence of a steroid or a
high testosterone level,'' de Merode said.

Four Chinese swimmers, currently under investigation by world swimming's
governing body, allegedly tested positive for diuretics at the world
championships in Perth in January. The Chinese have reportedly argued that the
substances detected were herbal medicines similar to diuretics.
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