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[IP] Parents

I was upset when I heard recently of this case which is currently being
fought in the British courts:

An 8-year-old diabetic girl was given by her mother 2 units of insulin
to bring down a very high bg. The mother is a registered nurse, and gave
the insulin intravenously which allows the insulin to work immediately.
Injecting into the arm is a little harder than just injecting into fat,
which is why doctors don't normally recommend it, but the mother knew
how to perform this.

She told the diabetes consultant (endo) what she had done, and he was
alarmed that she had done this on her own initiative. When the mother
did it a second time, the endo called the social services, and the child
has been taken away and put into care. The mother stands charged with

The case is now in the courts. Several doctors have said what the mother
did was medically appropriate. The endo claims she performed medical
procedures on the child which she was unauthorised to do.

What's going on in the world?


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