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[IP] Talk about an Education !

From: Deminkspot <email @ redacted>
Subject: Talk about an Education !

I went to the local diabetes support group, which is led my my new CDE.  I've
written with my somewhat sardonic wit about the  perils of my 'non--compliant'
CDE who after much finagling (sp?) I was able to leave (thanks to some fancy
footwork by my endo, bless him, after a letter from me {complaing that my CDE
had about zero respect for anything I had to say  - and when I asked her about
the possibility of becoming a CDE myself she heavily insinuated that one such
as I would never make it-  too tough for a diabetic!})  

So while I was talking to some of my non-pump colleagues about my DKA problems
last week and problems with my *pump*  (should clarify that I think of my pump
as anything external from my body - and NOT just the mechanism itself), the
CDE pipes up with this- in front of a whole group of people - You shouldn't be
use those disconnecting infusion sets Dianne, because you can't put them in
correctly.  You'll have to switch to something else that's easier.  This is
support?   Talk about adding insult to injury.  

Is there any possibility our group medical people might clone themselves?  
Dianne (in beautiful Virginia Beach where there is a dark cloud over the CDE
office at VB General Hospital.)

email @ redacted
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