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RE: [IP] Yippee!!!

> Thanks for sharing this with us too!  Now if we could just convince
> all those insurance companies and their bean counters...

Yup!  My eye doctor even commented that the pump may have "paid for itself if
it prevented laser surgery in your future".

Thanks, everyone.  I know *I'm* encouraged by this news -- I have more
incentive than ever to keep the control I've been fighting so hard for.

My girlfriend naturally pointed out that SHE'S the "new thing" in my life in
that 6 month span ;-)

(She does understand diabetes and what's really going on, she's just having
fun :-)

Still floating.......

"The Viper feels pretty damn cheap. It's the automotive equivalent of the
A10 Warthog -- wrap whatever you can around the engine/gun." -- Brian Hook

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