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Re: [IP] Yippee!!!

On 28 Apr 98 at 11:39, Greg Legowski wrote:

> Left eye is now CLEAR.  Right eye has "one very small" spot where there used
> to be a "small cluster".  These aren't bleeding, they're HEALING.  He spent a
> LOT of time looking very closely to make sure he wasn't missing anything.  :-)

Great news!  Hope things continue to improve...  and we'll all let 
out a cheer for Greg's good news.  Any reason to party... 

> I was GIDDY walking out of the office.  Called my girlfriend on my cellphone
> (long-distance + daytime rates even) to give her the good news. :-)
> I knew the pump was a good thing.  Now I have proof. :-)

Thanks for sharing this with us too!  Now if we could just convince 
all those insurance companies and their bean counters...

Randall Winchester

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