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Re: [IP] Airport Security Gates

I used to travel a lot and I've been through more airport gates than I can
remember. I always go through the gate with all my diabetic supplies. X-rays
have never bothered anything. And, no-one has ever questioned what I was
carrying either. It probably doesn't hurt to carry a card in your wallet that
states that you're diabetic... or better yet, get the Medic-Alert bracelet
(which also comes with a card for your wallet). 

As a word of caution, never travel with your diabetic/medical supplies in your
checked luggage. Always carry them with you. That way in case your checked
luggage goes astray or your flight is delayed (etc.) and you need to wait for
an long time (or they need to put you up for the night), you'll at least have
your essential medications with you.


At 04/28/1998 - 10:08 AM Kaseyfs wrote:
>I have a question regarding the x-ray machines.  Is it okay to let your
>insulin/supplies go through these things, or should you have security hand
>check that bag?
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Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/
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send the next two lines in a message
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