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[IP] The mystery has happened at our house

Sunday night, Darren was swimming with his brothers and his site got kicked
out.  We had to replace the sight about 9p.m.  We ran out of Silhouette's
because Minimed sent us two for samples and our prescription has not been
filled yet.  So we had to insert a soft set.  Darren was at 211 and took 7R
with no carbs.  He awoke at 5 a.m. feeling horrid, he went to the bathroom,
drank water from the faucet, then took his glucose.  He was 568.  He took 20R
and went back to bed.  He awoke again at 7:30 a.m. Still feeling horrid, used
the bathroom, drank from the faucet and took his glucose.  Then he vomitted.
He was 562.  He took 20R again by injection.  He disconnected the pump and
then woke me up and told me about his night.  We immediately replaced his
sight, checked his ketones...they were large....and called the Dr.  Of course
it took them 2 hrs to get back to us.  Thanks to this group we were right on
top of things.  I was concerned however, that Darren took 40R within a two
hour period.   He stayed home from school and tested every hour.  At 9 a.m he
was at 287...starting to come down...10:30 ate a muffin 3 carbs, took no
insulin because I was waiting for a crash...11:45a.m. 311....took 10R......  1
p.m. 233 coming back down...2p.m. 170 ketones = trace, 3p.m. 80 whew, we made
it...the rest of the night was just fine, no lows.  So what happened to that
20R at 5 a.m.????  The pump delivered it, did not give any no delivery alarms
and when we removed the sight, I bolused through the line to make sure it was
working and it was.  So here we are back at that same black hole mystery.  I
just want to thank everyone for this great group.  If I had not been reading
all of these posts, we would not have been so on top of things yesterday.
Thank you!!!!!!!
Liz (Darren's mom, dxd 1/95, started pumping 1/98 MM507)
P.S.  Yes we still love the pump and would not trade it for anything. 
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