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[IP] Yippee!!!

So yesterday was my 6-month visit to my opthamologist (sp?) (actually 7 months
due to an insurance referral letter screwup, but oh well)

Doc puts in the drops, waits the requisite amount of time, gets out the ol'
lens and bright torturous light, takes one look, and goes "well, Greg, I've
got GREAT news..."

I had some "borderline" retinopathy -- a few microaneurysms in each eye, which
hadn't progressed in a few years, weren't bleeding, etc., but were there.

Left eye is now CLEAR.  Right eye has "one very small" spot where there used
to be a "small cluster".  These aren't bleeding, they're HEALING.  He spent a
LOT of time looking very closely to make sure he wasn't missing anything.  :-)

I was GIDDY walking out of the office.  Called my girlfriend on my cellphone
(long-distance + daytime rates even) to give her the good news. :-)

I knew the pump was a good thing.  Now I have proof. :-)

(I also learned how bad my spelling is typing this message in.  Oh well...)

"The Viper feels pretty damn cheap. It's the automotive equivalent of the
A10 Warthog -- wrap whatever you can around the engine/gun." -- Brian Hook

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