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Re: Re: [IP] DM management software

On 27 Apr 98 at 22:32, Raillfan wrote:

> I have Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Central New York, and they didn't even think
> twice about paying for the newton($1,000) and the software($500). They sent me
> a letter the first time I asked for coverage on the healthmate saying "YES"
> they would cover it.I am on my wife's insurance (better than the one at my
> job) and it has a rider covering diabetic treatments, and one of the things on
> the list is Data Management systems.  If you have to try and sell it to your
> insurance company do not mention (unless they have to) that it runs on the
> newton, and that the software is available seperately. A lot of ins. companies
> will pay for software, but not the computer.

I think this is required by New York law.  Most insurance companies 
respond like mine did when I purchased the Healthmate - "that is a 
luxury item and nobody needs it."  The other problem is that Apple 
has discontinued the Newton product line.  I hope that MedData 
Interactive (the company that produces the Healthmate) is working on 
the next generation for the other handheld PC's...

Randall Winchester

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