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Re: [IP] Support

I agree with Sara and Becky or whoever has been hurt by their healthcare
workers.  Honest.  Even though I am an RN and proud of it, I have also
suffered at the hands of inept medical personnel.  One time, an LPN came up to
me to double check her insulin injection for some pt.  She came up to me with
a 3cc syringe!! I almost fainted!  I reported her.  She'd been nursing for
several years with 1 of those years on a step-down unit.  Once, when I was in
DKA I complained about my IV really being painful (remember, this was my place
of employment and my own unit).  They charted my complaint as if I was lying
or exaggerating the pain.  Finally, my sister, who is also a nurse, called the
floor nurse in to note the red streak going up my arm!  I let my sister re-
start my IV.  I still have the scar, emotional and physical.  So I've been
through some bad stuff,  stuff I don't want to scare others with. 
One thing I am greatful to this group for is that you are toughening me up.
I'm not as sensitive as I was when I first started out.  Know why?  Because I
know if I asked a question or had a medical problem all of you would be there
for me.  It wouldn't matter what I do for a living.  You guys have helped me a
lot.  The reason for this forum, I hope, is to meet the future armed with
shared knowledge.  The type of knowledge only we can share.  I value that.
The past is where it belongs.  If things in my past can help some of you, I'll
share it.  If it is just unhappy experiences with jerks of all types, we've
all been there.  Honest.  I'm not taking this personally.  I'm trying to grow
up, thanks to you guys.
Judy P.
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/
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