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Re: [IP] Airport Security Gates

This past weekend I went on my first out of state trip.  I flew from Portland,
OR to LA and then to Santa Maria, CA.  In Portland I set off both security
gates and had to be checked out by the guard.  I told her it was my insulin
pump and she asked me how I liked it and waved the wand by me.

In LA I had to go through security again as my gate was quite a distance from
where my plane arrived.  For whatever reason I did not set this security gate

On my trip back to Portland I went through a security gate in Santa Maria, CA
(a very small airport with only one gate) but did not set it off.

Today though while I visited Bankruptcy court for work I set off their
security gate.  I have gone through this gate probably 20 times and have only
set it off twice.  Guess they must vary the settings.

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