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Re: [IP] Support of medical doctors, nurses, etc (long -- sorry)

In a message dated 4/27/98 2:07:45 AM Eastern Daylight Time, email @ redacted

<<  I guess I am concerned here that in the zeal of the converted we may
 forget that what divides us from people not receiving good health care and
not able
 to take charge of diabetes is not our moral superiority but perhaps our
ability to
 make the most of resources (of all kinds -- $, but many others as well) that
 may lack.  I think the medical profession might be more successful with all
 non compliant diabetics if they could learn (from day one of each health care

Ruth...I have only highlighted few of your comments...but your thoughts are
right on regarding what it takes to learn to take charge and take
control...and yes, many medical people do operate on a lot of assumptions...
guess I am more in tune with what some of my patients need after observing the
way my mother was treated.  Many professionals were not  schooled in the
philosophy of treating the whole person.  I am thankful that I was.  But I
suppose my perspective is unique as I did also go to a teacher's college
before nursing eduction.  I enjoyed reading your thoughts and comparisons.  By
the way,  ADA diets (at least the old versions) don't work for
everyone..especially Type 1 and many of Type 2.

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