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Re: [IP] Requesting Travel Info, Stories, Etc.

I have traveled to Egypt, Africa (Kenya on Safari), So. America on the Amazon,
all the islands in the Carribean, St. Lucia, Venezuela, Trinidad, Tabago, etc,
etc..Canada, England, lived in Germany, France. Switzerland, Luxembourgh, and
2 weeks in China.  I've forgotten a lot of places, but I have traveled, been
in trouble and had reactions all over the world.  Never enough to stop my one
weakness, the travel bug.  I've learned so much about traveling before the
pump and since the pump.  All kinds of different problems and solutions have
come up.  I encourage everyone to never let this disease get in the way of
seeking adventure.  If you tell me how to do an FAQ I will try.  That way I
won't bore anyone else with my travels, but maybe I can advise those who care
to hear about it.
Judy Pruitt
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/
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