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Re: [IP] Re: Some Background

sara:  i loved your post.  don't apologize.  you are right.  i can't help it
if judy and barbara take things personally.  i don't even know them, but i
have run into a lot of sorry healthcare providers.  we DO see more medical
people than most and we DO have some bad experiences.  i have an excellent
endo.  he's one guy.  there are a lot of others i see that are not so
wonderful.  i want to be able to tell people in this group that when i was
pregnant and having a low bg, the head RN gave me insulin that almost killed
me.  they didn't fire her, but my doctor moved me to another floor--thank god.
maybe i'm just naive and think these people should know what they're doing,
but when you've had pros who have come close to ending your existence through
some careless mistake, you tend to remember those instances very well so they
will never happen again.  i am a medical technologist and believe me, we all
make mistakes.  if i have an abnormal blood result that i have a question
about, i am going to ask for that test again at a different lab.  this is
smart medical care folks.  ellen
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