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Re: [IP] Buddy

> My eyes are drying out or
> something like that and then the eyelid itself is sticking to the cornea and
> in turns rips the cornea open when I open my eye in the morning. Ouch! It is
> very painful and the application of LacraLube or a saline oitment helps
> greatly but at times I still have problems. I also have to put drops like
> artificial tears or the like in them during the day.

Q. is this because the tear ducts are blocked or are the tear glands 
not functioning??

I had a girlfriend many years ago whose tear ducts did not function 
properly. The doc's made some funny little glass tubes - very curvy- 
that she inserted into the ducts that kept them open. She said they 
did not hurt or bother her and as far as I could tell, she never had 
a problem with her eyes. She needed to remove the tubes for cleaning. 
I don't remember how often, every day or two I think.  This was over 
20 years ago, they must have something similar or better now.

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