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Re: [IP] Exercise

Hi Ellen-
It was good to hear from you.  I am far from being the athlete you seem to be
and nearly faint after walking 2 miles!!!  LOL but here is some of what I've
learned online from listening to other diabetics on exercise-
1) Those post exercise highs seem to be caused by the epinephrine that kicks
in *sometime* during the course of the work out, 2) you may start with a
normal BG and then go low (lack of glucose), then high (epinephrine) kicking
in, then low (muscles uptaking glucose  AND body's more efficient use of
insulin available)  all of this despite carb loading with fast acting carbs
and/or long, sustaining carbs  3)
the *sometime* mentioned above is determined by the a) physical condition
you're in b)the intensity of the exercise for you personally and c) the
duration  4) The only way to avoid those BG highs after exercise is to provide
an environment ( for lack of a better word) wherein your body is NOT stressed
and has no need to trigger a  hormonal stress response 5)  This might be done
by a) (best)  improving your fitness level b) decreasing either the duration
or the intensity of the exerciese. 6) As there is a domino effect in #5 above,
probably the best way to go is to just start checking BG 1 hour after
strenuous exercise and if you've gone up 30 points start a temporary basal- or
maybe the square wave bolus for Minimed users- for several hours after the
exercise.  (I just let mine run one night and when it stopped rising at 350 I
knew I'd need 5 units of H to bring it back to normal.  Next time I just start
a temp basal for an additional unit an hour for the length of time it took me
from the end of exercise until my BG stopped climbing during my test phase.)

As you start to improve your fitness level after intense exercise you're going
to level off and so it's really important to make those 1 and 2 hour post
exercise checks.
This is really piecing together much information given to me on this pumpers
list plus a few tests of my own.  Am always happy to get feedback guys, so
keep those letters coming.
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