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Re: [IP] Jet skiing

judy:  i have a disetronic pump and it works well swimming and tubing.  i have
only jet-skied once and it did fine for that too.  when i first got the pump,
i was swimming every day or every other day for up to 2 hours.  that is why i
picked disetronic--it's waterproof.  the pump works well and i have never had
a problem with the tape as others have discussed at this site with the
minimed.  when i was on regular insulin, sometimes i would remove the pump and
sometimes i would not.  since i've been using humolog i have to wear the pump
when i swim.  i wear it on a strap around my waist.  the strap snaps together
and the pump goes in one of those belt cases for pumps with belt loops.  i
assembled this myself from stuff i had.  it doesn't get in my way and works
very well for high speed lap swims.  the first pump i had i think became
water-logged.  i was worried that the disetronic was not really waterproof.
luckily, they send you two pumps so i switched to the other one, sent the
damaged one back and they replaced it with a new one.   i have not had a
problem since so it must have been that pump.  ellen
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