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Re: [IP] Support of medical doctors, nurses, etc (long -- sorry)

   As a former high school teacher, I couldn't agree with you more.  Too many
students succumb to "self-fulfilling prophecies" of "you're too stupid, dumb,
lazy", whatever & never even try to disprove their teachers' preconceived
expectations.  The vast majority of physicians today are beseiged by inane
insurance companies, usurping way too much of their valuable time.  I saw this
from both sides, since I spent 4 yrs working in a doctor's office.  By the
time the doctor is actually face to face with a pt., the "luxury" of getting
to know the individual & his idiosyncracies (which might impact on his
compliance) has become a casualty of the "quantity driven performance"
objectives mandated by managed care.  Sad to say, those who ARE successful,
like the IP members who post here, MUST be the initiators, the advocates, the
"shining examples" who just MIGHT jolt a weary, frustrated doctor into
acknowledging that there really IS a better way!!! ..
    Maybe the next time a doctor marvels at what a great job any of you are
doing, the humanitarian response might be to suggest to the doc that he have
other pts get in touch with you, if he thinks they too could benefit from
Insulin Pump therapy. Not every one wants to take on this responsibility, but
from my own perspective, having cyber-supported more than a few parents
through "Intro to Pumping 101", it's a "high" unlike any other!!!..We still
exchange "war stories" that they might be reluctant to admit to their
skeptical physicians (such as teens NOT keeping good records, etc- my own 15
yr old included), but as long as the kids are checking frequently, bolusing
correctly, changing their infusion sets, etc., we parents "support" each other
in NOT alienating the child by harping on 100% perfection. 

Regards, Renee (Melissa's mom)
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/
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