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No Subject

And on the respect issue.  I do not think respect is required simply because
someone has a few degrees hanging on their walls.  Respect is earned, and
respect is lost when someone misues his/her power/education/skills or whatever
is supposed to automatically scream I DESERVE RESPECT.  I have a Masters
Degree - I oughta get some respect for that, shouldn't I...well, I have to
earn it, just like my doctor does.  I have put in the same kinds of hours at
my profession as ANY resident or intern doctor, and I CARE more about the
people I have worked with in theatre, than many residents.

IT IS  NOT PERSONAL!  Good grief, if I got all upset everytime someonne said
something negative about those "lazy actors who sleep all day" or ""all the
guys in theatre are gay" or "french people are rude"  I would have a hell of a
time controlling my blood sugar, or my temper.

We love YOU Judy.  I love my CDE, I love my old endo who is now a breeder, I
tolerate my retinologist.  I will, however, continue to let my frustrations be
known when I encounter another Dr. Death or Nurse Ratchet, and I will
apologize in advance if it offends you or Barbara or any of the other medical
professionals on our list.

*-)=8 xoxx
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