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Re: [IP] Ex-husbands


Thank you for your reply.  I know this is going to sound bad, but I
don't know if he cares about his son's current and future health.  Like
I said he has never asked about the dentist, eye doctor or endo.  How
sad, he is missing out on 2 very wonderful children.  He sees them
occasionally, sometimes every other weekend sometimes not.  I will get a
letter from the doctor stating that he HAS to attend classes before he
can have our kids again.  I did this when he was first diagnosed 4 years
ago.  My only problem with that is he wants to take the classes in a
different place than we do.  I am afraid that we will end up getting
taught to do different things.  I think he just likes fighting me on
anything and everything he can.   Oh, well.  What is it the say around
here?  No retreat, No surrender.

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