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I agree with you.  Coincidentally, I sat next to a tech from my clinic the
other day while our kids were having swimming lessons.  They are in the
midst of layoffs -- been there, done that, know the feelings.  ".  I believe
that many health care workers intend thebest.  I also believe that most are
hampered by there ideas from actually carrying out all of the best they
could do.  I also wonder what role the rest of us might
play in little ways in helping the world around us think about these
assumptions."  I think that all of us are also Hampered by everyday life.
Unfortunate as it is sometimes, we're only human.  I decided anonymous
flowers might help those two out.  If they knew they were from their
whipping post, "nonsuccess (in their eyes) story" I don't think they'd enjoy
them.  That's ok, it's my life, I'll make it work, and I hope that their's
gets better.  Besides, the doc they work for is one of the best, if not the
best I've ever seen.  I just won't bother to call again.
Take care,

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