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Re: [IP] Ex-husbands

When Darren was dxd, we lived about 100 miles away from his dad.  It was his
weekend.  I took Darren to the Dr. because I thought he had a bladder
infection.  I wanted to take care of it before he went to his dad's because I
knew he wouldn't do anything about it.  It was Friday afternoon when we were
told of Darren's diabetes.  I called his dad from the Dr.'s office and he
didn't believe me.  He wanted a second opinion.  He thought I was just trying
to keep him for the weekend.  When Darren was admitted to the hospital, I
again called him to tell him of the seriousness of the situation.  He then
asked if there was some herbal remedy to fix this problem.  I screamed in the
phone that his son had a disease and he needed to grow up and face the music.
I had to call his parents to get them to help me help him realize what was
going on.  He wasn't even going to drive down to the hospital to see him.  His
parents dragged him down.  It was right there and then, that I assumed full
responsibility for his care.  I made his dad come and attend education
classes.  Darren even gave him a shot in the tummy so he could see what it was
like.  We even moved back to the area his dad lives in so if there was a
problem, I would be close by to help him out.  Any decision in changing
Darren's care since his dxd, has solely been up to me and his step dad.  

It sounds like your ex needs a dose of reality.   Does he care about the
quality of his childs life now and in the future?!  That is what it boils down
to.  Putting your child on a pump is the best medicine for his condition.
Does your child spend time with your ex?  Maybe the ex needs to attend some
education appts to learn a little more himself.

I hope this helps, some times I get a little worked up in this area.  I have
just learned to stand up to my ex and let him know how things are and not ask
his opinion.
Liz (Darren's mom, dxd 1/95, started pumping 1/98 MM507)
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