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Re: [IP] Jet skiing

When I went jet skiing, I simply disconnected for the time being.  There are
two reasons for that. It's a hassle for me to use the water-proof cover,
(though I do recommend this for everyone else) and my blood sugar tends to
decrease so quickly when I increase my acitivity.  Either way, you'll probably
be alright.  Do what you and your Dr. or CDE think are the best for you.  All
of us are so different.  You can just hook your pump to your bathing suit
waist-band, as I do at the beach, but when going into the water, I just
disconnect.  I feel safer this way.  I'm afraid the water is so powerful that
if I'm thrown from the jet ski or if I'm swimming and hit by a big wave, the
pump will come out.  I know my two piece bathing suits have come off, much to
the pleasure of my companions and friends.  They really get a laugh out of
Judy P.
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