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Hey everyone-
Hopefully I have finally figured out how to e-mail the "group" (thanks Dianne :-)  Been on the pump for a week now and really, really like it.  I do have to tell of my experience on my first installation.  In my 18+ years of having diabetes I have never given an injection in my stomach...so this first day had me quite nervous.  So we started with all the pieces and parts, got the softserter out, did it all myself, pulled the needle out, taped it down, and then started to play with the buttons.  WELL...I look over at Carolyn Allen and tell her ever- so calmly, "I'm going to faint now..."  And I almost did.  I never completely went out but I saw the spots and the blanket of whiteness in front of my eyes.  In 10 minutes or so I was back to normal (never have been really :-)  Well...then I went to do my first set change the other day and I DO NOT have the softserter infusion sets, I have the silhouettes.  WOW, was I terrified!  But...I put it in all by myself, didn't faint, and to tell you the truth like them more than the softserter set!  Isn't it amazing the things we can do when we put our mind to it?!?  Thanks for letting me share.  -Tonya :-) 

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