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[IP] eye doc and anemia and medical records enlightenment-long?

Hi anybody who may be interested my eye doc...new one not the one who did
the laser ...like i said before i am working up the food chain again in
blue cross from Kaiser....said that what the other dr. is calling
retinopathy could be anemia related...i deduce from this statement that i
may not need laser...which kinda gets me upset because #1 laser hurts and
i would rather do without the shot...thank you very much... and #2 the
previously burned areas  will never see again...the doc hinted ...you
know how they do that ...that i go with this other doc...i don't think it
is just cuz it's his bud...he has come highly  recommeded by others...oh
and i jumped up and down and got my records from Kaiser that my gp had
and it is quite interesting all the things that i have that no one has
bothered to tell me ....one time my cholesterol was 246...i have chronic
sinusitis...i knew something was wrong but it would be nice to have a
name...and i can't count the number of times i have gone in for ear
infections...couldn't these infections make it harder to contol sugars? 
i don't know if this has anything to do with anything but my sodium
levels are low...could this have something to do with why i am running to
the bathroom all the time?....my uric acid is low...and my LYMPHS? are
low...probably it's nothing but it would sure be nice to know...on
zestril my bp was 80/60?.... and on another paper i am a 43 year old
female and my name has changed to Thelma Irving...talk about multiple
personalities...well the reason i had my records transfered from Kaiser
was because i had a fleuisien angiogram (sp?) that i wanted the eye doc
to be able to see...it was not included..of course the last time i had it
transfered within the kaiser system ...they sent a 1 in by 1 in. xeorox
copy....but by being able to look over my med records i gathered a wealth
of info like that in '96 my glucose came back as HI 1000...i would think
that would be something i should know about....or some measures taken by
the doc?...suddenly i am feeling very grateful that i was even diagnosed
in '79...i relay all this info to all of you because it may help someone
else identify what may be happening to them also and that maybe if we put
our heads together we can get to the bottom of this disease called
diabetes...it is really interesting to me how interelated our body
systems are and how a problem in one area can create problems in other
areas... and maybe thru a little patient education others may not have to
suffer like i did without being diagnosed with hypothyroidism for several
years...interesting...i am reading about blood pressure and how salt is
involved and aldosterone which is made in the adrenal glands...could this
have something to do with my DHEA levels being elevated? michelle
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