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Re: [IP] Buddy

Michelle wrote:

>Buddy...since i have been researching thyroid problems i ran across
>something that might be useful for you...there is something called
>thyroid eye disease...not sure i have the names or facts correct...but it
>might be something you could look into that may resolve the corneal
>problems you have been having...if i understand correctly...it makes it
>so that the eyes are unable to close completely...isn't that what has
>been happening to you...just a thought...
    Thank you for your thoughts, but not quiet. My eyes are drying out or
something like that and then the eyelid itself is sticking to the cornea and
in turns rips the cornea open when I open my eye in the morning. Ouch! It is
very painful and the application of LacraLube or a saline oitment helps
greatly but at times I still have problems. I also have to put drops like
artificial tears or the like in them during the day.
    As you can see I am really behind reading my mail! I think you sent this
on the 24th and I am just now finding it! I had to make another folder in my
mail program and drage all the mail there just to keep up! I'm sorry, I will
try to do better in the future. . . . Thanks

Buddy '-)   email @ redacted
To feel any better I would have to be twins!

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