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[IP] Swimming

I think that a lot of the success of any adhesive lies with the
chemistry of the individual's skin and the vigor they swim with.  I have
had problems keeping the sets on while I swim.  My current approach,
which seems to work pretty well is:

Prep skin with 3M's No Sting Barrier Film
Apply IV300 transparent dressing to skin.
Prep IV300 with more No Sting Barrier Film
Shot Tender through dressing.
Tape edges with 3M's Micropore "paper" surgical tape.

Theother thing that I find that helps is to flex my body away as I apply
the various dressings.  This makes the dressing buckle slightly, but
that is better than having the adhesive joint fail in shear the first
time I twist.


<<Date: Fri, 24 Apr 1998 09:57:21 -0500
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Subject: [IP] swimming

Greg, I swim daily and have not had any problem with the Silhouettes
coming loose
- -wm

greg taylor wrote:
> Hi, my name is Greg.  Been on the pump now for about 8 months and love
> it.  I have used only the sof set and have had very little trouble with
> them.  However, minimed has sent me a few of the silouhettes to try, and
> it looks pretty good.  My question is about the tape.  does anyone here
> who uses the silouhette also swim a lot?

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