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Re: [IP] Combining Technologies

Ellen...don't give up hope...minimed is also working on the inplantable
insulin pump and i think the only catch left is that the insulin that
they have to use now clogs...i guess the first insulin worked but due to
it's manufacturing contributing to pollution they have discontinued
manufacturing it in that way...the guy i talked to  (a guinea pig) was
able to keep the implant able pump working for a year and said it worked
fantastic...and then there is a lot of pancreas transplant research and
islet cell transplantation...the problem there is with our bodies immune
system attacking the cells...so if it is to be successful the person
would need to be on immunosuppressive drugs...Bruce may be able to tell
you more since he has had a kidney transplant and is in line for a
pancreas transplant...he's even got the pager...keep the faith...i think
we are close...we just have to slap those overzealous immune cells back
into submission...michelle
On Fri, 24 Apr 1998 18:19:02 EDT LNispumped <email @ redacted> writes:
>reading some of these posts about dreams of a closed loop system is 
>kind of
>depressing to me.  when i was ten years old, medical people told me 
>would be a cure in a 5-10 years.  well, that was 37 years ago.  i, 
>too, don't
>even dream about a cure for diabetes.  is anybody even working on 
>instead, we dream about a better pump or meter.  i talked to one of 
>telemarketers on the phone a few months ago.  she asked me how i liked 
>certain meter.  i said i liked it.  then she asked me what i would 
>like the
>company to work on regarding diabetes.  i replied that i would like 
>them to
>work on a "cure".  she was surprised and told me she had not had that 
>before.  that is sad.  ellen

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