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[IP] Dressing irritations

Someone asked for a recommendation for a dressing that doesn't irritate
or itch.  I had the same problem until someone on another list told me
about Hypafix.  I use it all the time now and am not bothered by itch
even after it's on 6 or 7 days.  Hypafix comes in a roll, so you do have
to cut it to size, but it's worth it not to have irritated skin.  The
roll is 2" wide by 10 yards long, so goes a long way.  I cut a bunch at
a time into 2.5" pcs.  I cut a hole in the center of the strip and
insert through the hole. I do this because the little tab near the
infusion set irritated my skin too.  Works great.  The tape that comes
with the infusion set (the little one with the hole in the center) just
fits over the Hypafix if it's 2.5" long.
Hypafix is made by Smith & Nephew, but a call there told me to call
1-800-321-0591 which is Edgepark Surgical Inc.  A roll cost 10.76 (15.15
with the tax).  Figures out to about .11 or .12 each compared to @ .68
for the ones from MiniMed.  Better and cheaper too!
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