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[IP] Programming Diesetronic

Ruth Kapo-  Thanks for the info on programming the bolus rate .  That's gotta
be Diesetronic's best kept secret. Not one of the 6 DCE's at the hospital knew
it, nor did the the Diesetronic rep ever mention it to me.  Nor did my
endocrinologist or his partner, also an endocrinologist.  Go figure!  I think
the chance of seeing a representative in Virginia Beach are slim.  I'll file
it away for future facts.  Or maybe I'll send a pump to the factory for my
next diabetic birthday surprise!

Diagnosed February 21, 1964. When the doctor told me I had diabetes and would
have to go into the hospital for awhile.  I calmly walked to the lobby, told
my mother I wished to drive home, and while we drove I explained that I had
diabetes and would be going into the hospital immediately.  She came unglued--
as I knew she would.  I didn't cry until later-  then I cried all night
thinking about taking that shot in the morning.  (NO ORANGE!  I 'practiced' on
my thigh.)  I was one of those folks who passed out every time the doc gave me
an injection of any kind.  But the hardest part was giving up candy and the
thought of giving up chocolate eclairs was cause for deep concern.  And at
that time Tab wasn't even on the market yet, let alone all the hoopla
available today.  Things keep changin'-  thank God.

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