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Re: [IP] Personal Female Question

I commend you for bringing up a very difficult topic.  I'm pretty confident in
this area. I am a divorced mother of 4 and have been a diabetic for 16 years.
My sex drive is worse than ever.  I've never experienced any problems, except
finding a man who can keep me happy.  The reality is, however, many women
realize a decrease in their sex drive as they lead busier lives.  Diabetics,
unfortunately, on top of everything else, have problems because of decrease in
blood flow to very important organs.  It used to be that they were aware of
problems in male performance, for obvious reasons, but females can get away
with pretending a lot easier.  The female also has a decrease in blood flow to
her vaginal area (along with a natural decrease in lubrication as we near
menapause).  There is nothing wrong with you.  If you've never had a strong
sexual appetite, diabetes isn't gonna give you a stronger one.  Your husband
and you can go to couseling or handle it in any manner both of you see fit. If
you would like to e-mail me privately, feel free, just remind me it's private
so I can answer privately. Good luck.
Judy P.
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/
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