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Date:          Sat, 25 Apr 1998 18:37:06 -0500
From:          email @ redacted (Daryl & Melissa Davis)
To:            email @ redacted
Subject:       Steven Craig

Hi Everyone,

I wasn't sure how many of you had heard the news this week so I thought
I'd write a quick note!  This week, Steven Craig passed away!  Remember,
he was the first recipient of an Islet Cell Transplant!  I don't know
the details of his death but wanted to let you know of his passing!  It
is tragic as he was just beginning a beautiful life with Kelly and her
daughter, Jenni!  They had plans to travel the US, speaking about the
need for a CURE for diabetes!  They called me from Palm Springs at A Day
Of Hope and were so happy!  His passing is heart breaking, not only for
the diabetic community and his work for a CURE, but also for his dear
family who he loved very much!

You can send condolences and support to Kelly at email @ redacted

Love to all during this sad time,

Melissa Davis
email @ redacted

email @ redacted
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