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Re: [IP] Diesetronic Decimil Pointers

Deminkspot wrote:
> Point of clarification on the Diesetronic.  Although it comes with a pre-set
> BASAL rate of .5 units per hour it can be easily reprogrammed in .1
> increments.  The BOLUS rate - at least on my pump - CANNOT be programmed in .1
> increments- beginning at .5 and going up.  Another thing I discovered on my
> pump during my DKA dance the other day was that the Temporary Basal Rate could
> not be set at any higher than 200% of the your programmed Basal Rate-- as my
> endo recommended increasing it to 300% during that time-  I had to go back and
> reprogram my pump.  I was assuming that maybe the MiniMed is different?

Yes, it is. Boluses of basals can be set at 0.1 unit increments, and it can't
be locked to any higher increment. Upper value for either is set in the setup
menu by the user.

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
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