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Re: [IP] Oranges and anniversaries

I never forget that anniversary date -- just subtract 11 years and remember
my birthday.  What a gift!  Actually, in some ways it has been.  I'm sure
that I'm a different person, and I hope that there are parts of me that are
better.  I didn't start on insulin (yes, I had an orange too) for 3 years
and over 50 pounds.  I'd been a chubby kid, but 5'7" and 57 pounds probably
should have given the pediatrician a couple of clues.  My parents were
begging before he finally decided that the 1000 kcal diet wasn't working.  A
very nice man, but a bit clueless.  I don't have scars John, but the only
one who can get an IV going on me is an anesthesiologist.  I don't know for
certain that the "footballs" that were blood filled on my arms are the
cause, but my veins collapse very easily.  During the OCT (stress test)
phases of pregnancy, they just scheduled him to come up when I was coming in
for the OCT
Take care,
dx '71, MM507 1/98, H.
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>I passed my 21st anniversary on 2nd Feb this year. I had become a bit
>"reflective" the week before, but then on the day I was busy and forgot
>the date!
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