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[IP] Diagnosis day. was 'Oranges'

     I too had been very ill. My mother "just knew" I had some type of cancer
that was gonna kill me. (My father had died of Hodgkins while she was pregnant
with me). She refused to leave the Dr office until they at least ran a few
blood tests. He had told her I was "fine, just hitting a growth spurt and
probably did not like kindergarten" (the reason I was "acting" sick every
afternoon when I got home).  My glucose of course came back in the 800 range!
The Dr could not apologize enough.  Mom was SOOO cool, she was THRILLED that I
was gonna live!  That was the attitude she always had, shots are no big deal
if it will keep me alive.
     I try to remember that when I start getting PO'd about life with
Diabetes. I had my 28th anniversary of dx a couple weeks ago. Just so happens
it was the same week a got my pump, 4 years ago!    My how things have

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