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[IP] Diesetronic Decimil Pointers

Point of clarification on the Diesetronic.  Although it comes with a pre-set
BASAL rate of .5 units per hour it can be easily reprogrammed in .1
increments.  The BOLUS rate - at least on my pump - CANNOT be programmed in .1
increments- beginning at .5 and going up.  Another thing I discovered on my
pump during my DKA dance the other day was that the Temporary Basal Rate could
not be set at any higher than 200% of the your programmed Basal Rate-- as my
endo recommended increasing it to 300% during that time-  I had to go back and
reprogram my pump.  I was assuming that maybe the MiniMed is different?

Becky -- Yeah, they say that about me too. "You talk too much".  Actually I am
excessive in most ways.  Some to my advantage.  I think we should find a Dr.'s
journal or whatever they might get on a regular basis that updates them
(somewhat) and start a Pumper's Perspective column.  I'm serious.  Why not ?
Anyone interested??

Allison-  welcome to our group!  A lot of us have been on that 30-500 roller
coaster ride and can empathize with you.  You hang in there!  It's gonna get

Off to another beautiful day in beautiful Virginia Beach.
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