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Re: [IP] Pet Peeve

> John,
> Your way of dealing with your diabetes is opposite of mine.  I wish I did what
> you did. I'm very emotional and share way to much with people who probably
> don't care anyway.  At work, the staff needs to know, because if I don't
> perform adequately I could make a mistake that could cost someone their life.
> But the "steely stares" when you eat something that others have deemed "bad"
> for you, can be unbearable. I know better than to feel guilty but I still do.
> You guys are right, too.  Most of my constant critics are overweight, or smoke
> or both.  I weigh 115 lbs.  They have no shame but they sure can shame me.
> Sorry this is so long, but sometimes the way those around us and even those
> that love us, don't realize how their constant comments on our dietary habits
> are so hurtful.
> Judy P.


The difference is interesting. I'm self-employed. I'm only as good as my
last piece of work. If I can't do my job better than the next guy, then
he'll be employed next time instead of me. I freely chose my profession,
so I accept these risks. But it mean no hypos on the job. None. Never.
That's why I test a lot. That's why I use a pump. I have to be
dependable and reliable. If an employer later learns that I also have
diabetes, then I am a good ambassador for others with diabetes. But it
important that I am not thought of foremost as "diabetic".

When I occasionally tell people I have diabetes before they know me
well, I find they expect less of me, treat me slightly differently,
compared with those who don't know I have diabetes. This frustrates me.
It's partly why I have adopted this policy.


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