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Re: [IP] Support of medical doctors, nurses, etc

Thanks for answering Becky,
People don't realize that I've had frightening experiences in the hospital and
then some.  It is incredibly disappointing and at times shocking, re:  lack of
knowledge when caring for Type I diabetics.  We are so difficult to treat.
Our disease process is so individualized and so baffling to even the best
physicians.  It is easier for healthcare workers to blame us for being "non-
compliant" (those are fighting words to me) then it is for them to try to
understand what we deal with everyday.  My own co-workers labeled be as "non-
compliant."  I was so furious.  So I am sensitive in this area. I do a lot of
enlightening and try to improve the present and prepare people for the future.
People are fascinated with the pump and the change in me.   I try not to focus
on the negative here because most of us need so much encouragement.  At least
I do.  All of you have helped me grow stronger and more confident, so thanks
Becky, even if I become defensive, it's my too sensitive nature.  Of course
you have the right to vent and forgive me for taking that away from anyone.  I
need you guys!
Judy P.
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