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[IP] I am NOT a "diabetic"

In a message dated 98-04-24 09:59:56 EDT, Steve wrote:

>  I recently took part in a second year med student class with my Endo. It
>  really an interesting experience.  When treating people with diabetes,
>  class not to use term diabetic)

I have done this for years.  It really drives people crazy.  They will see me
take my blood test and go, "oh, are you a diabetic?  So is my
mom/brother/dad/dog/etc."  and I answer them with, "NO, I have diabetes."  I
don't like to be defined by my pancreatically challenging encumbrance.

And on the dog subject...I have a friend with a dog who has diabetes.  She has
to give him injections!  Can you imagine?  God knows what dogs get into when
they are out and about...and they can't like, tell ya what they ate.  I wonder
if she does blood tests on him too.

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