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Re: [IP] Combining Technologies

reading some of these posts about dreams of a closed loop system is kind of
depressing to me.  when i was ten years old, medical people told me there
would be a cure in a 5-10 years.  well, that was 37 years ago.  i, too, don't
even dream about a cure for diabetes.  is anybody even working on that?
instead, we dream about a better pump or meter.  i talked to one of those
telemarketers on the phone a few months ago.  she asked me how i liked a
certain meter.  i said i liked it.  then she asked me what i would like the
company to work on regarding diabetes.  i replied that i would like them to
work on a "cure".  she was surprised and told me she had not had that answer
before.  that is sad.  ellen
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