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[IP] pet peeves/positive posts....

	Yes, we've all been exposed to some not-so-great healthcare workers....
and on the same note, some not-so-great policemen, & teachers, & lawyers, &
sales clerks, and humankind in general (& yes, even DIABETIC humankind(!))
- unfortunately, that is part of the "life on earth" experience... if you
know what I mean.  And, yes, I'll also admit - sometimes is feels GREAT to
moan about it & I've done it many times! :)   But, in the end, if that's
all we do.... nothing changes.  And, sure, there is no guarantee that
anything changes if we attempt to do something about it..... but, if you
don't take that chance, then definately NOTHING CHANGES!   I am a huge
proponent of "positive change" through education.  I am excited to be on
the forefront of the latest in diabetes medicine!  Do you realize the
"positive power" that you & I as a pump-wearers & educated, informed, &
intensively self-managed diabetics have to change the way the world
(family, friends, medical personnel, other diabetics) views diabetes???
Think about it! :))  

	For those that attempt to remind you that you "shouldn't eat those Oreos"
- I explain that my practice of intensive management - my pump - makes it
possible!  (Same is true for MDI's).  Share your knowledge.  Remember that
what they know about diabetes (if anything much) goes back many years.  Use
the opportunity!  It can be, in a way, a "healing process" for each of us
as well.... we've all lived with the "guilt" a bit too long.  Free yourself
- let your pump change the lives of others as much as it has changed
yours!! Same for medical personnel - use the opportunity to educate!  Think
about contacting the staff development person within your local hospital &
speaking about your experience.  There are all kinds of things you can do,
ie - ask to speak at a medical staff meeting & to physician groups; a local
ADA meeting; an article in your local paper; etc.  Work with your CDE -
most of them are dying to change things too!  Other ideas??  

	Most importantly - & perhaps the most difficult - work very hard to do
this without the anger.  "Kill them with kindness."  Anger & resistance
(despite how deserving) only breeds anger & resistance.  And negates all
that you are trying to do.  I try to remember that "everyone has something"
or has been touched by something.  Maybe not diabetes, but something.  And
sometimes they too need to be reminded of that.   :)   

Type 1 since '83; MM507 11/97 -----> Thought for the day: Everyone is
insulin-dependent, we just do it with a bit more flair!  ;)

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