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Re: [IP] Pet Peeve

Guess I look at it differently from you. If they are well meaning, I accept
their bumbling wording. It opens the door for me to educate them. And I am
glad they reached out. Most folks are afraid to say anything so they are left

I only get a LITTLE peeved when they are insistant after I explain. At that
point, I give them a smiling :)  "I've been diabetic 20 years plus, I've had
nutrition and diet instruction since the age of 10. Try to tell me one thing I
don't know."

I got blasted once for a bumbling statement I made to a group of people. I was
trying to show I wasn't prejudice to their situation. I immediately withdrew.
The groups response to me backed-up what the prejudice people thought of them.

Unfortunately, our responses will make people think all diabetics are that

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