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Re:[IP] Sour Grapes

Subject: Re: [IP] Sour Grapes

On 21 Apr 98 at 14:09, MADKT wrote:

> I'm angry. Down right pissed. But more sad, depressed and really feeling sorry
> for myself . . . 
> Had my first laser surgery this morning. 

I experienced my first laser therapy in 1979.  At the time the opthalmic surgeon thought I would hae sight for about two years.  I can still read the lower lines of the eyechart without glasses.  My therapy was extensive, being weekly/ second weekly for the best part of twelve months.  Since that time I have had a few laser treatments ( less than 5) for bleeds but that was many years ago now.  I have my eyse checked every four months ( for my piece of mind predominately) and am pleased to say this is my only complication some 30+ years after diagnosis.  I can remember the cold feeling in the pit of my stomach at the time as I was planning my wedding, had got my first job and was told my eyesight would not survive pregnancy.  Blood monitors were only just available in Australia.  My advice is to be positive as nothing is gained by planning on the worst scenerio, afterall I would have missed the last 18 years of unexpected sight!!  Secondly, while your eyes are fragile ( few months following laser, please try to minimise hypos as this is an additional strain on the healing blood vessels and small ruptures ( bleeds) can occur.  We tend to forget that this type of surgery is still doing remarkable things and the body needs time to repair.

Feel free to chat further about the experience to me if it helps.

Jennifer from Down Under

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