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RE: [IP] Combined pump and meter


I agree with your observations and concerns about the glucose sensor. What
if ...

1) The glucose sensor is able to communicate your BG readings to a pump with
an infusion set inserted in the liver? This would be a much more direct
approach to getting the right amount of insulin to where it's needed, rather
than the "long way around approach" which infusion requires. MiniMed's
implantable pump gets close to this, with the pump inserted in the body
cavity. Disetronic talks of inserting the "catheter" directly into the liver
(product expected later this year?), which may get the insulin there
quicker. This could be getting interesting ...

2) I think each pump currently on the market is capable of some sort of
remote communication (MiniMed's has an infra red port on it? Disetronic is
modem capable). Coupled with the modem capabilities of the AccuCheck
Complete meter there are all sorts of interesting possibilities popping up

We'll see the new stuff offered to doctors first, then to us "regular
folks". Until then, like you, I'm still willing to do my own calculations. I
work with computer technology enough to understand the meaning of
"artificial intelligence" ;-)

MiniMed and Roche Diagnostics "co developed" the new AccuCheck Complete
meter. The companies did not merge.

Bob Burnett

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