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Re: [IP] Extra Catheters & bs guestimates & more

On 24 Apr 98 at 9:52, URTAsef wrote:

> Sometimes, and yesI know I am A BAD DIABETIC for doing this, I will take a
> bolus, or adjust a temp basal without testing. 

I don't think you're a bad diabetic - just a survivor type...  We all 
do this kind of thing based on our experience and what we've eaten or 
our activity level.  

> and if you are still reading.  Ugly anniversary to me today.  24 years ago I
> wrote in my diary "forget what did.  mom cried cuz I have diabetes."  

If I was there I'd offer a hug, then probably sit and cry with you 
for a while.   After almost 16 years I still sit down and cry 
sometime during the day on July 2... diagnosis day.  We've earned the 
right to run the gamut of emotions because of this affliction...  
then after we're done we just pick up and go on.  Some of us are 
silly enough to have some hope that things will improve as much in 
the next 10 years as they have in the past 10 as far as diabetes 
treatment is concerned...

Keep on fighting...  you've got a lot of friends around here.

Randall Winchester

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